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One-Off payments to Public Officers begins

St. George’s, Grenada, Wednesday, February 29th, 2017: As promised by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell, in his 2017 Budget Presentation, the one-off payments for Public Officers, in recognition of the sacrifices made during the Homegrown Programme, has begun.
As part of the February 2017 salaries, payments have been made to Public Officers who qualify for the one-off disbursement and whose unions have already completed negotiations with Government.

Part-Time Work - Finding a Job

Cash is a useful thing to have around, it permits you to purchase an abundance of helpful assets, such as nourishment and water. Accordingly, it is most likely accommodating for you to have a method for profiting with the goal that you don't starve to death whilst you study.
This is the place part-time work comes in. You can work around your studies so you can eat, drink, and stare at reddit. Tragically, employment is somewhat more difficult to get than it once was. That is the reason I will demonstrate to you proper methodologies to get yourself work.

Resume Mistakes to Avoid

A resume is like a product advertisement; in this case the product is you! It is the first impression you'll get to make. You want it to be fantastic! Like a product advertisement the goal is to convey to your target audience that you are what they want! They need to go out right now and purchase you before you're gone. Limited quantity! Act now! If your resume does its job, you'll earn an entrée to the next step?-?a phone or a face-to-face interview. So, how do you create a resume that works?

Best Job Searching Tips to Keep You Organized

These job search tips will help you organize your CV's or Resumes and collect important information that will help you secure that all important job offer.
I know it's never easy to motivate yourself after you've been rejected a few times, but staying organized helps!
But don't despair, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in, there IS a job, career or even a business waiting for you!

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Labour plays a key role in achieving the goals of the National Development Plan in the areas of Economy and Poverty; Participation, Consultation and Equal Opportunities; Youth Development and Gender. The Ministry also takes into consideration employment creation as a priority area of the Government.

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