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Resume Mistakes to Avoid

A resume is like a product advertisement; in this case the product is you! It is the first impression you'll get to make. You want it to be fantastic! Like a product advertisement the goal is to convey to your target audience that you are what they want! They need to go out right now and purchase you before you're gone. Limited quantity! Act now! If your resume does its job, you'll earn an entrée to the next step?-?a phone or a face-to-face interview. So, how do you create a resume that works?
Writing has always been a very important skill it creating a resume. Your resume will be judged on many aspects and will be considered the first unofficial round of your interview process. Hiring managers sift through scores of resumes. Yours might only get a few seconds to do its job. Sifting through resumes is often tedious, especially when they're complicated or even flawed. So, keep it short, simple, and error free.
A Human Resource Manager of a leading advertising agency recounts memorable resume faux pas. "There were resumes that included strange and unnecessary personal details such as weight, hair color, and allergies, without including necessary details like skills and achievements." Sally also remembers a resume that arrived with a cover letter. "The cover letter was not extraordinary, but the personal recommendation from the applicant's mother was. Needless to say, this applicant wasn't considered for an interview."
Ask any human resource manager and they'll tell you the best resume portrays the applicant as a problem solver. Ensure that your resume is not rejected by avoiding these common pitfalls.
1. Typos and Grammatical Errors
Your resume has to be impeccable. Make sure you use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Careless mistakes will find your resume in the round file. In a 2013 survey, fifty-eight percent of the employers identified typos as the top reason for discarding a resume. Spell check and proofread multiple times. Read your resume aloud?-?this can sometimes help in finding errors. It's difficult to spot one's own mistakes, so ask a friend to help proofread too. No matter how good you are at writing and editing, a fresh pair of eyes definitely helps
2. Fibbing About Previous Work Experience
Yes, we know that a resume is an advertisement, but don't oversell yourself. Lying or exaggerating about your work experience may help you land an interview, but can backfire after that. Remember that some companies will make calls to confirm previous employment or check references. In the event you're hired, fibs have a way of unraveling as on the job skills are tested. Avoid an embarrassing situation by following the straight and narrow. Distinguish between emphasis and exaggeration when it comes to selling your skills, work history, and achievements on your resume.
3. Not Customizing Your Resume to a Specific Position
One size doesn't fit all when it comes to resumes. Use your cover letter to articulate what value you offer the company and customize your resume for the position to which you are applying. A tailor-made resume conveys that you are focused and have taken the time and effort to learn about the company and position to which you are applying.
"When it comes to getting a job or client, congruent value is aligning the employer's need with your value add."
Try to include keywords from the job listing. Most fortune 1000 companies and other companies rely on digital scanners to filter resumes. If your resume is posted online, scanners can also find it using relevant keyword searches. Use a keyword strategy to improve your chance of being chosen for an interview. Also remember to tailor your objective statement with keywords that underscore what the company is seeking.
4. Focusing on Duties versus Achievement
A resume is not only a list of your duties and responsibilities. It can be a vehicle to tell of your skills, achievements, and accomplishments. Use active statements to show the value you've added to previous and current positions on your timeline. Avoid being vague by writing, "Responsible for raising funds." Instead, write specifically what your role was in "raising funds." Try, "Organized a marathon and helped raise $50,000 for victims of hurricane Sandy." Specifics and figures better illustrate your value and your achievement.
Your resume doesn't have to tell your entire life story, but it should highlight what is needed for landing your next position.
You will be able to do justice to your skills, achievements, and accomplishments. You can even customize your profile to retain just the sections you wish to be highlighted and as required by the job you are applying to.

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